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Shingle & Steel Solutions

At Payne Roofing Solutions Inc., our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied.


We use Owens Corning products, quality backed by manufacturer warranty.  We install to manufacturer specifications providing you the best possible warranty. 


Our crew has over 30 years experience and each one has been chosen by us to complete our team.

Soffit/Fascia & Eavestrough 

Now offering custom onsite production of 5" seamless eaves trough for your home. 

We measure onsite, then custom cut your eaves troughs ensuring an exact fit without seams.  Seamless trough eliminates the chance of leaks.

Having proper ventilation is a key factor in lowering the chance of ice-dams. Soffit and roof vents are important for this. Ice dams can form along the bottom portion of the roof during the winter months.  The ice can creep up your roof, causing leaks if your roof is in poor condition.

Proper ventilation helps prevent moisture which reduces the likelihood of mold growth as well.


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